EPISODE 16 The War for the Black Hills (Part 1): The Heart of Everything That Is

“The Black Hills is my land and I love it.
And whoever interferes will hear this gun.”

— Lakota song

“Came to the Hills in 1833… got our gold in 1834. Got all the gold we could carry. Our ponys got by Indians. I have lost my gun and nothing to eat and Indians hunting me.”
Ezra Kind

To the Lakota people, the Black Hills of South Dakota were — and still are — "the heart of everything that is." To the United States, they were a goldmine, and Manifest Destiny’s next target. It was for the Black Hills that the Lakota went to war against the United States for the last time. 

In this episode: 

  • We become acquainted with one of this story’s key characters: George Armstrong Custer

  • “In years long numbered with the past when I was verging upon manhood, my every thought was ambitious—not to be wealthy, not to be learned, but to be great.” Custer

  • Custer’s key role at the Battle of Gettysburg

  • Reckless and proud

  • AWOL

  • Washita

  • ‘Garry Owen’ was Custer’s version of Apocalypse Now

  • The genesis of the hatred between Benteen and Custer

  • Raping POWs

  • Lack of money makes President Grant a peaceful man

  • The Mafia of the railroads

  • The Yellowstone expedition and the economic collapse of 1873

  • The Thieves’ Road, and Charley Reynolds’ ride

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