EPISODE 19 Featuring Dan Carlin

"If I can add some nuance and complexity and some context and compassion. If I can get people to think about walking a mile in the other guy's moccasins, or pretend like you want to, I can feel like I'm adding something that is unusual. And it's a little bit shocking and upsetting to me that it is unusual. When people say it's so refreshing, you wonder why it's refreshing to try to see the other person's viewpoint? Shouldn't that just be how we are?" — Dan Carlin 

“It’s an uplifting story with millions of dead people” — Dan Carlin 

My favorite podcaster and one of my favorite humans joins me for an epic chat ranging across topics including:


  • Nuanced Thinking

  • Ideological Prisons

  • Understanding vs. justifying

  • Judging the past

  • Hitler & Genghis Khan, Nazis & Communists

  • Spaniards, Aztecs, human sacrifice

  • Taoism

  • Twisted SOBs

  • Why do we focus so much on war?

  • The three elements of Hardcore History

  • Conflict-driven story

  • Sex

  • Gladiators for World Peace as the antidote to a nuclear holocaust

  • Hunting and gathering peoples

  • Graham Hancock and history before history

  • Gobekli Tepe

  • Old school toughness and the arc of civilizations

  • Dan Carlin for President!

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